Publication summary

The writings trace the trajectory of Fluid as it emerged from teaching practice working on live research projects through to the formulation of a comprehensive approach to participatory practice, community action and progressive urbanism.

Tollington Initiative

Towards a community-led strategy for regeneration.

e.state New Protocols for Life and Design

Re-situating practice and defining socially driven processes of engagement, new forms of representation, experiential mapping, scenario planning and ‘dynamic masterplanning.’

Holloway Transverse Diversity: Integration: Regeneration

High level partnering between a University, a premier football club and a local authority to reconceive place.

Furnishing Vainonkatu

International architectural workshop for the Aalto Foundation. The notion of ‘participation’ forms a bond between team members, external bodies and local actors to engage in a meaningful dialogue.

Title: Duty of Care – LMU

Fluid see (their) ‘duty of care’, which encompasses all participants, as lying with a design concept generated by the processes of engagement.

Architecture & Participation

A study on participatory design, youth, public space and ownership.

Urban Regeneration Toolbox

Sophisticated methods of capturing data in a transparent manner to provide cultural, social and spatial information to inform wider design and masterplanning strategies and to help define sustainable, widely owned products

Industri[us] – Re/Use Re/Work Re/Value

Industri[us] centred on up-cycling and regeneration – seeks to put vacant sites to creative interim use, working with local communites, in advance of commercial development taking place.