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Fluid at Mipim 2016

MIPIM was all agog with the realisation that the outer London boroughs are the next big thing in London – Steve called it the ‘doughnut effect’ – though he wasn’t sure it would catch on. Stewart Lipton questioned where the next opportunities would be – and there it is: Wood Green. Steve spoke at the Haringey Panel discussion putting the case for Crossrail 2 and a central Wood Green station to deliver significant change:

A new town square and green wedge is proposed at the heart of a remodelled and completely transformed town centre replacing the existing Shopping City with streets and spaces, linked by a new east west community park to a revitalised arts and working district, and on to Alexandra Palace.

This vision is to make Wood Green the kind of place people want to see, with community and social life and the council at its heart, well connected neighbourhoods, a celebration of heritage, outstanding new design and much, much greener. Building on all that is good, and authentically Wood Green.

This could be the ‘Brixton of the north’ with its buzzing local cultures of food, music, art, technology and entrepreneurialism. A place of trade and exchange. A place for the future.


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