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Litchfield Planning Policy Updates

Litchfield Planning Policy Updates

It was our pleasure to have Giorgio Wetzl and Tom Davies from Litchfields deliver a presentation on the recent planning policy updates in the UK for the Fluid/Soundings office on Friday 26th October 2018.

With the recent publication of the revised NPPF, draft London Plan and new Estate Regeneration guidance policies announced by Sadiq Khan, it was very useful for them to provide an overview for us to better understand how these updates will affect our industry and the work we do.

Their presentation covered the revised NPPF which has a retained emphasis on sustainable development, additional responsibility to planners for delivery, provided stricter guidance on viability testing and tighter guidance on proactive consultation for plan making and development design. The draft London Plan’s emphasis on good design and housing delivery projections was highlighted and the background to and direction of Estate Regeneration guidance and policies in London which place great importance on full and transparent consultation and involvement of the affected residents was discussed.

We look forward to further internal discussions about what this means for development and consultation in the planning process and intend to share our take on this in the new year.

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