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Icon Design Trail 2017

Fluid have been selected to be part of the Icon Design Trail taking place from the 16th to the 24th of September 2017.

The City of London Corporation (CoL) is working to improve the environment and urban realm across the Culture Mile through a programme that delivers better wayfinding, new green spaces, lighting, public information and art installations. As part of this Fluid will be working with the CoL to develop a new public realm strategy, setting out how to create a series of connected places, forming a world-renowned destination that relishes its contrasts and places culture at its heart.

One of the key ambitions of this strategy is to ‘draw the inside-out’, revealing to the street the content of world-class institutions. The proposals for the Icon Design Trail will test longer-term ambitions by creating viewing boxes at key locations, to showcase photographs, images, sound, people and stories. This will help animate the area, attracting a wider audience and increasing engagement, raising awareness of the area’s history, culture, people and future opportunities.

By uncovering the everyday through photographs, text and sound, visitors will begin to understand the cultural value of the Culture Mile area from an insider perspective and how every activity, no matter how big or small, helps for a ‘Culture Mile’ collectively. As well as drawing from the archive of photographs taken through our exploration of the Culture Mile area, we hope a selection of photographs will be collated during a series of consultation events over the summer.

The installations will also work in parallel with, and showcase, the City of London’s temporary arts projects that are currently being developed, to test and inform any future proposals. Current projects include the installation ‘Joy and Peace’ by Morag Myerscough at the West Smithfield Rotunda.

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