Project Evaluation


Fluid has long been a proponent of evidence-based design approaches.

This may tackle ethnographic issues, socio-spatial phenomena, urban trends and myriad other areas informing and, in part, problematising the design process.

More recently Fluid has been engaged to carry out evaluations of projects such as the High Street 2012 urban strategy.

The evaluation process allows us to objectively assess the success of masterplanning and design projects using an evidence base that is statistically modeled, alongside more subjective forms of response through targeted interviews and anecdotal or secondary evidence.

We use our consultation techniques to assess projects in terms of their social and economic impacts, their stated design goals, contribution tp place shaping, the success of the procurement processes in relation to delivery, the value against funding and other issues such as management and maintenance.

We bring to the evaluation process our academic background providing experience in research, and analysis and our ability to distill complex information into simple, easy-to-read reports, with strong graphic content.