Co-production and neighbourhood planning mean working directly and creatively with various communities to develop plans for change that are deliverable, sustainable and tuned to specific local conditions.

Fluid design and coordinate co-production processes based on principles developed over the past 15 years. We believe that such investment in impacted and proactive communities provides structures and systems which allow people to create physical and social capital and better places to live in, work and visit.

We contribute to place-making and stewardship strategies through collaborative processes which identify, grow and retain communities of interest to generate shared visions and plans.

For the planning process, effective participation builds on local knowledge ensuring regeneration, development or conservation plans are tuned to local demands. This helps to build a specific project identity, a coherent community infrastructure and clear means of supporting local ownership.

In 2007 Fluid launched Soundings, a sister company dedicated to public consultation and engagement to provide a stand-alone service for design, masterplanning and public sector teams.