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20 years of life-changing projects. The next 20…

We have had the privilege of leading consultation, engagement and urban strategies across a wide range of built environment projects, and our feeling is stronger than ever that human interaction, relationships, culture and belonging are at the heart of thriving communities.

Our journey began with a mission to meaningfully and creatively involve and empower people and communities because we believed that would lead to better places and outcomes for all, including developers and investors. We believe that is true today more now than ever. And we add the planet to this.

As we look to the future we are delighted to announce that Fluid’s sister company Soundings is expanding its core offer specialising in field leading consultation, engagement and co-design, to include social sustainability, stand-alone surveys, place research and strategic advice.

We will continue to work to our values and strengths, delivering robust and quality processes. Moving forward new alliances with digital and technology specialists and other collaborators will ensure we continue to evolve, drive participation and build places together with communities.

Please get in touch with Iain at iain@soundingsoffice.com to learn more.

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